Get more sales through promoted items

With Maxly, you can create item promotions directly through your BigCommerce or Shopify store

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How does Maxly work?


Promote your best items

With Maxly, you can make a promotion for any of the items in your store and set it to display on any page of your website. Tied with a discount or timed deal, you'll watch your sales shoot through the proverbial roof!


Use social proof

If we've learned anything through conversion rate optimization it's that social proof is everything. With Maxly you can show your customers that the items they are looking for are actively being purchased, helping them make the decision to buy.


Create product deals

Have two items that sell great together? Maxly can help you promote one with the other, or even automatically add the second item to your customer's cart for free, at a discounted price, or full price.

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